Total Joint Surgery

Total joint surgery is a procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

The surgeons at the Joint Replacement Institute bring together many years of experience to diagnose and treat even the most complex foot and ankle conditions for patients of all ages.

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Sports Medicine

Even if you're in great shape, sports related injuries could occur when you least expect it. The goal of the doctors and staff at Joint Replacement Institute is to help athletes recover from injuries as quickly and safely as possible.

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Custom Fit Knee Replacement | South Florida

From standing and walking to running a marathon, the knee joint plays a vital role in most forms of mobility. But when the knee joint becomes damaged or suffers from the deteriorating effects of arthritis, any movement can become painful. When knee damage progresses to this point, total knee replacement surgery may be the best option. The success of the artificial replacement joint depends largely on how well it fits into the existing bone structure. Custom fit knee replacement procedures are designed to ensure that the new replacement joint can function as closely to a natural knee joint as possible.

Knee Anatomy

The knee is made up of three main components: the patella (kneecap), femur (thighbone), and tibia (shinbone). Tendons and ligaments that run through and around the joint connect muscle to bone and provide strength and support. The meniscus, a wedge of cartilage, is located in the middle of the joint, serving as a buffer between the femoral head and the top of the tibia. The meniscus also serves as a shock absorber and has a stabilizing effect by helping keep the upper and lower bones in place. A thin, gel-like layer of cartilage covers the femoral head and the top of the tibia to prevent friction between the bones.

Knee Replacement Surgery

During a total joint knee replacement procedure, surgeons remove damaged portions of the femoral head and the top of the tibia. The natural knee joint is replaced with an artificial implant made of metal alloy, plastic, and ceramic components. Metal stems attached to the implant components are inserted into the center of the femur and tibia and are cemented in place. The new artificial knee joint is designed to closely mimic the form and function of a natural knee joint.

Custom Fit Knee Replacement

Custom fit knee replacement procedures take the fitting of the artificial knee joint one step further. Using 3D imagery and computer modeling technology, the surgical team takes precise measurements of the remaining healthy bones of the knee joint. In order to create a perfect fit for the artificial knee joint, these extremely precise measurements are used to create custom cutting guides that are then used to trim back the healthy bone. By matching the artificial knee joint to the exact contours of the remaining healthy bones, surgeons are able to install an implant that feels and reacts exactly as the original knee joint did. This innovative procedure produces more effective results compared a traditional knee replacement surgery.

Your Custom Fit Knee Replacement Specialist in Naples, Florida

Board-certified orthopaedic surgeon Dr. H. Kurtis Biggs has completed an orthopaedic surgeon residency and a fellowship in joint replacement at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. As the founder and lead surgeon of the Joint Replacement Institute in Naples, Dr. Biggs brings experience to South Florida through the thousands of joint replacements he has performed.

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