Total Joint Surgery

Total joint surgery is a procedure in which certain parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with an artificial joint, which is designed to move just like a healthy joint.

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Foot and Ankle Surgery

The surgeons at the Joint Replacement Institute bring together many years of experience to diagnose and treat even the most complex foot and ankle conditions for patients of all ages.

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Sports Medicine

Even if you're in great shape, sports related injuries could occur when you least expect it. The goal of the doctors and staff at Joint Replacement Institute is to help athletes recover from injuries as quickly and safely as possible.

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Patient Testimonials

Knee Patient

Steve W. — Total Knee Replacement

Hiking the mountains of North Carolina was what Dr. Biggs promised I would be able to do — after a total knee replacement. And, on August 31st, less than four months post total knee replacement, I did exactly that. After much needed physical therapy, continued self-paced range-of-motion exercises, and strength training, I have proof of the success of my new left knee. Now that I can climb just about any mountain in North Carolina, I need to find time to work on my golf game!

Man posing with dog by mountain sideMan posing with dog by mountain side

Donald B. — Revision Total Knee Patient

After Donald's total knee replacement he caught a 135 pound sail.

Ed — Total Knee Patient

Prior to the implants, my wife and I took a 16-day ground tour of Turkey. I walked on every possible type of ground, steps washed away by time. Each day my knee pain increased to a point that pain medication was little help. I promised my wife that when we returned to Fort Myers, my first stop would be to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. After much research I chose Dr. K. Biggs.

I met with Dr. Biggs, and after x-rays and examination it was concluded that the total knee was the proper procedure. My first knee was replaced on June 14, 2007. The left knee was replaced on August 1, 2007. My therapy on both knees proceeded and total full use was accomplished.

My wife and I just returned from a 73-day cruise around Africa. We visited many countries, walked each tour without pain. Each day on the ship for breakfast and lunch I climbed up and down 6 flights of stairs to continue to strengthen both knees. On one tour we rode camels in the Sahara Desert. I wish now that I had replaced the knees much earlier.

Couple on vacation collage